5 Tips To Increase Your Engagement Rate On Instagram


High engagement rate on Instagram is the dream of every social media marketer and business owners using Instagram to promote their businesses. Below are some tips to increase your engagement rate on Instagram

1. Use all Instagram’s features & tools

If you want to increase your engagement rate on Instagram, you need to know that Instagram’s algorithm actually prioritizes accounts that use all the features. Instagram wants to encourage more diverse and interesting content. The company wouldn’t spend all that time and money developing new technology if it didn’t want you to use it!

2. Use Different Content Format

Instagram started as a simple place to share photos, but has evolved considerably since then. You now have stories, videos, carousel posts and highlights etc.

It now makes no sense to churn out the same content, day after day. Your posts will feel tired, and remember, the robots want to see you use the whole app!

3. Check out Instagram’s analytics

If you do switch to a business account, you’ll have access to a whole heap of analytics like Follower locations, Gender of Followers, Age Range of followers, when your followers are most online during the day, the day of the week that your followers are most online, insights to specific posts and stories that got more engagement so you can schedule to post during your peak times.

4. Use Instagram Stories Daily

They’re right there at the top! So even if users don’t find your content in their feeds like they used to, hopefully they’ll spot it up in your Stories.

Stories look different, feel different, and give you the chance to engage in different ways. Plus, some users simply like viewing Stories more than their feed. So you can be there for those users where they prefer to find you, and still have great content in your feed for everyone else.

5. Use Influencers

Involving influencers in your Instagram strategy is going to widen your net and bring new followers into your community. These infuencers already have a community of followers that trust and engage their pages. So influencer marketing is a way of getting influencers to transfer the trust their followers have on them to your brand/business and this can increase engagement for your business.

Use these tips and drop a comment below about your experience.

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