3 Social Media Tips For You


Whether you’re using Social Media to build a personal or business brand, these tips will be helpful to you:⁣

1. Create content for (that suits) every platform you’re on: So sometimes, some of your content might suit a particular platform you’re on and might not suit another platform. You must make sure you’re sharing content that works best on individual platforms not blasting one content on all platforms whether it suits or not. Sometimes you might need to modify a content that suits one platform to suit another platform.⁣

2. Be Insightful: By this I mean ALWAYS CHECK YOUR PAGE INSIGHTS. Insights were created for a reason, they are there so we can understand our page audience and know how to make marketing decisions based on the data in our insights. Marketing is data-driven so don’t be opinion-driven about your Marketing.⁣

3. A/B Testing: That Marketing is data-driven doesn’t mean you can not test new strategies, you can. When running ads for example, use different images, videos, captions for same campaign, see what works and stop what doesn’t. With that you are also analyzing trends and that’s still data-driven.⁣

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