Do these while your Facebook & Instagram Ads are running


It’s not enough to set up your Facebook or Instagram ads, there is a checklist of activities you should perform while your ads are running and here are some of them.

1. Monitor the day-to-day performance of your ad: Yes your ads are now running but it’s possible that your ads gets more results on certain days and less results on certain days. It’s even possible that your ad has reached ‘Ad Fatigue’ at some point. Ad Fatigue is a time when your ad has exhausted it’s audience and your ad is only being shown to those who have already seen it (multiple times) before. Always check your ad Frequency score or your Reach and Impressions numbers, this will help you know when you’ve reached Ad Fatigue. Monitoring your ad will make you know if you need to adjust the ad or stop it.

2. Monitor your campaign engagements: Of course everyone knows this. You have to monitor what engagement your campaign is getting and respond to them when necessary. This makes new people your ad gets served to know that you care about your audience (potential customers).

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