3 reasons your Facebook or Instagram ads are not performing (how to fix them)

Facebook and Instagram are one of the platforms business owners use to promote their products and services. This is because these Meta platforms are very popular and also because advertising on Meta platforms is cheaper than most internet platforms out there.

Unfortunately, many business owners still waste funds running ads on Facebook and Instagram without getting results (or without making sales).

Here are some reasons your ads on these Meta platforms might not be converting.

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1. Poor Targeting

It is important to know your target audience even much more than they know themselves to be able to target them (your target audience) well. It is not enough to just know your target audience by their age range, location and gender. You need to know your audience by their interests, what triggers them, what platforms (and placements) they spend their time on, their demography, their behaviours online, how they like to get/source for information, the kind of content they prefer (videos, photos etc) and so on. Like I normally say, YOU NEED TO KNOW YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE MORE THAN THEY KNOW THEMSELVES.

Meta also provides the ‘Custom Audience’ targeting which is a way to retarget people who have engaged your business previously. This can allow you retarget those who have made an enquiry about your products/services but have not bought from you yet.

Also, there is the ‘Lookalike Audience’ which allows you target those who are similar to your Custom Audience.

With the kind of numbers on Facebook and Instagram have, it is safe to say that your customer are on these platforms, you just might not have found the right way to target them.

2. Poor Content

If targeting is right but content is poor, your ad might not perform as it should. I have found out that small business owners mostly do not pay so much attention to the content they intent to use for their ads. You must create content that will make your target audience tick, content that they resonate with and can’t help but pay attention and perform the action (or series of actions) you want them to perform.

It is important to brainstorm and come up with the kind of content that relates perfectly with your target audience because CONTENT IS EVERYTHING.

3. Budgeting

There is no better way to say this;YOU CAN’T EXPECT TO MAKE N1,000,000 with N10,000. This is marketing not a ponzi scheme. You will have to strategically use money to get money. Your ad budget also goes a long way to determine the performance of your ad even when your targeting and content are right.

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Ads on most social media platforms are like an auction system so the business that bids higher gets the most attention. Don’t forget that your competitors are probably also targeting the same audience you are targeting so a small budget might make them (your competitors) get more attention than you.

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CONCLUSION: Meta ads work perfectly if you do everything right. The good part is that even when your ads are not performing you can look through all I just shared to see how you can optimise your ads. If you like this content, please share with those who might also need it.

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